I support reducing gross taxation. Idaho currently has sales tax, income tax and property tax. Property tax needs to go or be drastically reduced. We are told to live the american dream and buy a home.Then to rent it from the government for a lifetime. So you never really own the home you work so hard to pay for. Idaho with a median income of 53,089 and a median home price of 295,143 property taxes push what type of mortgage you qualify for.(DTI) This may be the difference in thousands of dollars lost due to rates for the lifetime of the loan. 29% of my property taxes are school levies fixing the student funding formula will reduce levies. 

(Fund The Kid)

I support reasonable growth. Growth is currently putting pressure on our infrastructure and school systems. We need to have sustainable growth. Growth that pays for itself. (Including School Funding) This would also reduce the amount of school levies assessed to your property taxes.

I support social well-being for youth/teens. Our youth and teens are losing in idaho. With the growth in mental and emotional health issues. Idaho's suicide rate among youth has been consistently around the 20.8 per 100k range. We need to make sure parents and teachers have the tools to educate our youth about mental health.  

I support your right to bear arms. The II amendment is now and as always been on of the most important. We have the right to protect ourselves from danger. As Well as have the ability to provide food for our families. I will never vote to take this right away. Or add ridiculous restrictions that infringe upon this right. If our firearms are taken then the criminals and the govt will be the only ones with them. That in itself should scare you.


I support quality education. Education is one of the most important things for the future of idaho and america. Parents should be able to decide how their kids are educated. Having a curriculum that has all teacher buy in and parent understanding is key. Also teachers need to be able to teach without concern of their finances. Accountability (yes) But we need to pay teacher a competitive wage. This also means taking less from their paycheck. Moving their insurance to a state level and a possible tax exemption. This will reduce what comes out of their checks. We ask alot of our teachers so we need to take care of them.


I support equal burden sharing. Right now average citizens carry most of the tax burden. Companies need to carry this burden as well. I don't mean shifting the burden I mean SHARING BETWEEN ALL

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