What I Support

I support reducing gross taxation. Idaho taxation has become a huge burden on the community. Property tax and the increased cost of home's has made it somewhat impossible for long time Idahoans to purchase a home. Property tax has been and will be a main discussion in the legislature. We need someone who will fight for you all. Grocery tax is another issue. I believe we let the community keep the money upfront instead of collecting tax and giving a credit at the end of the year. Fuel is the highest its been in many years. Now that people are moving outside the valley for housing, a reduction in fuel tax is needed so people can keep food on the table. 

I support reasonable growth. Growth is currently putting pressure on our infrastructure and school systems. We need to have sustainable growth, aka growth that pays for itself (including school funding). This would also reduce the amount of school levies assessed to your property taxes.

I support protecting our water resources. Our water supply should be guarded by us all. A good many people don't realize we live in the desert. Robust agriculture feeds America. With the current global climate, this has never been more important. 

I support your right to bear arms. The II amendment is now and as always been one of the most important. We have the right to protect ourselves from danger, as well as have the ability to provide food for our families. I will never vote to take this right away or add ridiculous restrictions that infringe upon this right. If If our firearms are taken, then the criminals and the government will be the only ones with them. That in itself should scare you.


I support quality education. Education is one of the most important things for the future of Idaho and America. Parents should be able to decide how their kids are educated. Having a curriculum that has all teacher and parent understanding is key. Common Core has left many children behind. The growing concern of CRT and SEL in schools needs to be addressed. Also the desensitization of our children to sexual situations and behavior concerns are growing in our community. Some things should be left to the parents to teach.